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Kara Shae :) I wish everything smelled like maple syrup


*in the car with my friend who hates one direction and little black dress starts playing*

friend: “hey this is pretty good, who is this?”




Harry realizing that the balloon is actually an inflated condom +


when am I going to realize that no matter how many times I scream “no” at my tv the story line isn’t going to change.


Q102 - March 17, 2012



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Is anyone else completely terrified by the concept that you could, someday, meet someone who actually genuinely wants to spend the rest of their life in love with you?



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if a girl wants to watch a sport because she thinks a player is hot then let her, it’s not like guys watch the VS fashion show because they want to buy new bras. 

Liam Attends The Wimbledon Championships. 26/06/14

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Gaga’s reaction to the people booing at One Direction

You know, my brother swim couch once went to one of her concerts and got trampled by a bunch of people and Lady Gaga saw it happen. She stopped the concert to pull her out of the crowd and bring her back stage for ice and bottled water. Lady Gaga is a saint.

This is so incredibly cool of her, I can’t even. 

Huh, people expressing their displeasure for a shitty band they don’t like? That’s really fucked up.

You know what? No. 

I don’t normally reply to the negative shit that gets added to the stuff I reblog out of courtesy or not wanting to get on a follower’s bad side or whatever, but right now I don’t give a fuck. 

Nobody deserves to be booed. I don’t fucking care if you don’t like the band. I don’t even like the fucking band. I could give two shits about what One Direction is doing, but they’re human fucking beings. They’re human beings that have to perform for thousands of people almost everyday. And here, they have to get up in front of thousands of people, recording artists, and the millions of people who watch this broadcast, only to be fucking booed? Fuck that shit. Nobody deserves that shit. How would you like it if you got up on stage to present something or accept an award or make a speech and people started booing you? That’d suck, right? It’d be humiliating, heartbreaking, it’d piss you off. So what right does ANYONE have to do that to them. You wanna express your displeasure? Yeah, you do it on your blog, but these people shouldn’t be fucking doing it to them when they’re up there in front of millions of people at an event where they’re supposed to be fucking professionals. Fuck that fucking bullshit. It is fucked up and you’re fucked up for thinking that this kind of thing is okay. 

Actually… yeah. That was fucked up of me to say. Sorry.

Genuinely happy to see a confrontation end well for a change. 

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